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I am super giddy and excited because my Kindle arrived today! (Well, it arrived at my mom's place like a month ago, but she finally had the courage to stick in an envelope and send it my way). It's AWESOME. I mean, it's no iPad or smart phone, but I can't wait to finally read all the books in my To Read pile without having to lug them around and worsen my back problems. (I mean, seriously, The Stand? House of Leaves? We need to talk re: length and weight of paperbacks.)

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day and I am so going out to celebrate! It's also my anniversary at work. That's right, a year ago to the day (tomorrow) I started training here at my shiny new job. It went by fast and pretty enjoyable. I made new friends, I moved up in the tax brackett and all in all improved my quality of life in one year. That's impressive. I think.

Anyway, life is good. I thought I should record this moment.

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