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I got out of doing some errands today that would have taken all morning, so now I'm trying to finish work early so I can finally get the new episode of wptJEH ready. I've been a deadbeat podcaster, I know *hangs head in shame*

Of course it wouldn't be me if I weren't multi-tasking so I was checking emails and somehow found this Nightmare on Elm Street teaser description that I hadn't read before.

After a brief depiction of the burning of the iconic character in whichFreddy Krueger is shown being chased through an industrial part of town toward the boiler room which will hold his fate -- all the while screaming, "What do you think I did?" -- Jackie Earle Haley is shown as the Freddy that fans remember -- brutal and relentless. The tone of the nightmares is decidedly surreal and creepy -- featuring some first-rate imagery and a great throwback to the first film's bodybag sequence. While the make-up isn't shown in tremendous detail, the posture, voice and performance all indicate that fans should be very pleased with the casting when the film releases next April. Source

I don't want to feel sorry for Freddy. :( But I might, because Jackie is too adorable and he always makes you feel deeply for his characters, even if he shouldn't. Oh well, should try and remove my fangirl goggles before watching this movie because finding Freddy sexy is something I really cannot deal with. (Crap, I'll probably have to)

Anyway, speaking of teasers, here's something I made for wptJEH. I will not explain what it is until Friday, but I'm sort of happy with it.

Happy Hump Day everyone!
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If you already saw this on Twitter, I apologize.

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Just look at the Nightmare on Elm Street poster and tell me you don't see that sexy smirk? You don't?


Yeah. You're welcome.

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It was about time we got to see a picture of Freddy, as lame as it was. We thought Jackie was a tease? Hmph. (He is, anyway)

Of course I went and made a couple of icons, they are crappy because the picture is way too dark, but whatever.

If you didn't see it, you can see it here.

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This is an old movie, so if you're like me and haven't watched it, don't read it because it will have spoilers. If that's even possible by now.

I just finished watching Freddy vs Jason... what a loltastic movie! I'm thinking they couldn't have been serious while making it, it's a satire, right? "Look how we take these two bad-ass characters and turn them into idiots for our amusement. Dance, puppets! "

The amount of blood and gore was way over the top... I know, I know, it's a slasher film, it's the whole point. Actually, I think the whole point of the movie was to show off Monica Keena's rack- which I have already seen featured as main character in Left in Darkness, and will soon be starring in Night of the Demons, too (why must they do this?!). Coincidence? Oh yeah, it was also pretty crappily done blood and gore, made me think of Wednesday's show in The Adams Family (remember that and win a cookie!). I really hope they don't go that way with the remake, don't let them Jackie!

Anyway... I didn't catch the beginning, but they kindly explained everything twice halfway through the movie, and added Jason's story just in case you didn't know who he was, which I did but thanks anyway. This was probably the most ridiculous scene I've ever scene, but I guess it was kind of clever to compare the size of their blades and relate them to overcompensating for something else. o_0 Whatever that's supposed to be; aren't immortal homicidal maniacs more obsessed with killing people than with sex?

Spoiler? )

Now I kind of want to watch that last Jason movie, the one in which he's in space. What's it called? Jason X! Imagine the lulz! I can't believe Alien vs Predator was better than this. Well, better...

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I lol'd

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So I slept 4 and a half hours and now I'm up and feeling ok. But I shouldn't, so I'm guessing some time today I will crash and burn badly, but luckily I will be done with work. I don't mind not sleeping, sometimes I really wish I didn't have to, but it's not nice having to guess if you aren't sleeping because you just aren't tired, or because you are too messed up to relax. We'll find out soon.

Last night I found this:

It's a video, don't be shy )

Apparently someone really wanted to play Freddy and put this together to convince someone that he should get casted. Obviously he didn't- but don't worry buddy, you had no chance against JEH because he is just that awesome.

What I really like about this, though, is that Freddy is actually on fire! I hope the guys at Platinum Dunes don't get any ideas from this. I mean, sure, Rorschach can go around dispensing free fire* at his own discretion, but I don't think Freddy could pull it off so well.

[livejournal.com profile] youquit  and I are totally cooking something really cool. I'm so excited. XD

*for those of you haven't seen this yet, you can thank me later.


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