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This movie, The Zombie Diaries, popped up for rental this week (note: it's from 2006) so I figured I'd give it a try. I checked it out on IMDB first and read some terrible reviews, so I wasn't expecting much of it. The whole premise is: Zombies done Blair Witch style. Sounds pretty cool, in my book.

Cut for spoilers? Not very detailed, though. )

I need to get my hands on Rec. I could only find Quarantine (if I have not been misinformed, the latter is the remake of the former?) but it was already rented, and then the 2nd NoES was there... that one has a pretty loltastic cover, complete with a glamor shot of Freddy. When was he scary, again?

And there are a lot of other more obscure zombie flicks I want to check out, like Zombies vs Vampires. If you ask me, I think we're closer the Robot Apocalypse than to the Zombie Apocalypse, and in any case it will be Zombies fighting Robots for world domination (zombies don't stand a chance, btw). But I'd like to see the two great undead races duke it out, even if it's a crappy movie. Thoughts?


Jun. 25th, 2009 11:56 am
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A post, since I haven't done one in so long and now that I actually have LJ friends (I feel so loved!) I think I have an obligation to spam their friends list every now and then. Feel free to ignore all the posts I've made to communities and tell me "You never spam, we love your posts!" Lie to me.

Seriously considering penning an evil plan to acquire a Blu-Ray player of any kind whatsoever. I don't know why there's so much Blu-Ray love from everyone involved in the Watchmen movie production. Did I miss a memo and now DVDs are lame? But they were cool last year, right? Unlike those nerdy CDs and don't even get me started on those douche-bag floppies. I think they might be testing our loyalty- once they get us all into Blu-Ray they'll up the ante and ask us to do something weirder. Alan Moore wouldn't approve. Not that I wouldn't do a whole bunch of unspeakable stuff to for you Snyder, but next time lets try and keep it on the cheaper side, okay?

But the news were pretty awesome, even if I won't get to see the new cut on theaters (at least a lot of other people won't either *evil*) and even if it takes me forever to see the Blu-Ray magical experience, I'll be content with my DC. The video was pretty funny, too.

I am SO coveting that 300 Blu-ray. 300 f-ing rocks!

That poster in the background is the cover for the theatrical cut DVD. Which I have kindly dissected for you.

Cut for stupid ) 

I still wonder why they have Rorschach just gliding in, leaving all that free fire on his path. Those lit embers are flying way too close to little Walter, if you know what I mean. We get it, he won't be using it any time soon (considering some a-hole blew him up), don't remind us.

Where's Adrian? *please read that in your best Tim Gunn "Where's Andrae?" impression* He's a tool building. Maybe he is what's on fire on the corner- The Comedian looks certainly happy enough, so it  would make sense.

Dr Psycho!Smurf is flying! Does he even fly? Like ever? I now he teleports, changes size (height) and clones himself at will but other than when he first materializes, I don't think he's ever flown. (Well, more like hovered)

Discuss amongst yourselves.
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After hearing about how "gory and needlessly violent" some people found Watchmen I figured either they were very dumb or those Hostel and Saw movies must have been as tame as a Disney movie. I will now judge them very, very hard. How dare they say Watchmen glorifies violence when it clearly does not, especially when there are movies like this- and they were huge hits. WTF world?

Hostel was on tonight so I left it on in the background while I crafted the most epic Jackie Earle Haley pic spam ever. Why did I? It wasn't scary, it bordered on disgusting and it just made me very angry. Oh yeah, where was the plot? I think they remembered they needed one at the end, with the "I pay to murder people because it's a rush" thing.

ETA: It gets worse and worse by the minute! DX Seriously. You guys. Seriously.


Jun. 2nd, 2009 09:53 pm
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I know I promised a while ago I wouldn't read any more reviews about Watchmen, people don't get it blah blah. But I blame Fandom Wank for this. There I was reading the hilarious anon girlfriend bashing by the SPN fans and learning about whatever Russet Noon is when this hit me in the face. X(  [If the name Debbie Schlussel rings a bell, do not click! DO NOT! Also, her site may have crashed my browser. Twice.] Talk about hating something with a passion! I could say hateful things about stuff I don't understand too, and frankly, even thought Watchmen WAS NOT targeted at children, I've seen way worse. Mindless crap custom made for children that I wish could be banished from the face of the Earth... I can list a few.

Now, I have no idea what is up with conservatives and liberals and what have you- I'm thinking either everyone in my country is depraved (could be), or we need more lulzy political parties. All everyone cares about is reducing poverty and increasing security, and nobody gives a damn about what's showing in the movie theaters. WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?

What good came out of this? I just went through that woman's reviews and I realized that what she hates I love (for the most part) so now I can make a list of what I want to watch and what I don't want to watch. See? There is a silver lining. I also felt like giving everyone involved with Watchmen (movie and comic) and all the (not crazy) fans a big hug. Even Alan Moore? ... sure. But let's start with JEH and see where it goes from there. XP 

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I went to the movies last night, watched two movies back to back with two different friends and didn't get home until around 1 am, and today I slept late. XD A nice way to start the week I think (and I had a very nice dream last night that I sadly cannot share because I don't want to freak you out but it was awesome).

Anyway, first I went to see He's Just Not That Into You with my BFF and it was great. We had a lot of fun, although we disagree with the ending. I had bought a huge vat of pop corn that I couldn't even eat half of and that ended up being my dinner. That ended at around 10 pm, and I was set to meet another friend to see Angels & Demons at 10.15 pm. I know, I shouldn't have made the last minute plans with my BFF but it all turned out great, we made it on time (same theatre) and everything was great- except we had to seat on the third row. The movie was.. ok. I had read about half the book so I didn't know what was going to happen. I didn't get too involved with the story but I did enjoy remembering a lot of stuff from my Art History class. The crappy thing was that, being in a rush to get to the movie and all, I ended up paying for both our tickets, even though I wasn't supposed to. Now I'm even more broke than before and I hate calling my friend to tell her about it. X( Oh well.

We walked home even though it was a bit cold so we could have time to catch up. Nights like last night, are the reason why I sometimes love my city so much. Two girls walking alone at 1 am- I was alone for the last half of the way after dropping her off and it was just so peaceful. Not a creepy face in sight.

Is it July 21st yet??
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I just finished watching Damnation Alley- another movie to strike from my JEH movies list as watched. I have mixed feelings about it, because it's just so chock full of cheesy goodness. The effects were terrible by today's standards... and maybe if it hadn't gone against Star Wars it would have fared even better back in 77. I guess we'll never know.

I'm no movie expert so I'm not going to give you a valid review or anything of the sort. But here's a little rundown of the movie. XP )
Some of my favorite lines:

"You son of a-!"*PEWPEWPEW*  
"I don't know what we're gonna find, but gettin' there is the only way we'll ever know."
"Nothing good ever just happens by itself. No matter how much you want it to." He was wrong, but who could blame him? Billy <3
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This is an old movie, so if you're like me and haven't watched it, don't read it because it will have spoilers. If that's even possible by now.

I just finished watching Freddy vs Jason... what a loltastic movie! I'm thinking they couldn't have been serious while making it, it's a satire, right? "Look how we take these two bad-ass characters and turn them into idiots for our amusement. Dance, puppets! "

The amount of blood and gore was way over the top... I know, I know, it's a slasher film, it's the whole point. Actually, I think the whole point of the movie was to show off Monica Keena's rack- which I have already seen featured as main character in Left in Darkness, and will soon be starring in Night of the Demons, too (why must they do this?!). Coincidence? Oh yeah, it was also pretty crappily done blood and gore, made me think of Wednesday's show in The Adams Family (remember that and win a cookie!). I really hope they don't go that way with the remake, don't let them Jackie!

Anyway... I didn't catch the beginning, but they kindly explained everything twice halfway through the movie, and added Jason's story just in case you didn't know who he was, which I did but thanks anyway. This was probably the most ridiculous scene I've ever scene, but I guess it was kind of clever to compare the size of their blades and relate them to overcompensating for something else. o_0 Whatever that's supposed to be; aren't immortal homicidal maniacs more obsessed with killing people than with sex?

Spoiler? )

Now I kind of want to watch that last Jason movie, the one in which he's in space. What's it called? Jason X! Imagine the lulz! I can't believe Alien vs Predator was better than this. Well, better...

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"The plot was so complicated I couldn't follow it"

"I didn't like it because I was expecting something completely different."

"I like movies about Mars, so i can't say anything bad about this one."

People kept giggling during Dr Manhattan's scenes. Seriously, it's not even that big, why are you focusing on the blue penis??

Rorschach* gets all the laughs. (Of course)

Two girls left during the prison scene where they cut that guy's arms off, followed by their dates. I would have let them leave.

People complain about some blood and awkwardly bent limbs. Have they not seen Hostel and Saw (1, 2, 3... infinity)? I haven't and I didn't think it was that gory.

It's actually kind of funny when you get to the Comedian's flashbacks (the rape scene, shooting the pregnant chick) everyone gets so serious and tense. You did not see that coming, did ya?

Best part of the movie. )

Also: Mothman, nice.

* AKA: The Totally Badass Dude Who Will Drown Shorter People In Toilets & Lock You In A Fridge & Drop You Down An Elevator Shaft, For Justice, & You Will Still Love Him Even Though He Is Homophobic & Right-Wing & Paranoid & Stinky & Has Serious Issues With Women, Because He Eats All The Sugar & Says 'Hurm' & Likes Beans & Is Tiny & Adorable & Has A Fandom Devoted Solely To His Hobo!Gloves.


Apr. 25th, 2009 08:02 pm
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I finished my work for the week (well, sorta) and then I went shopping which I hadn't in months, many months. But I have no clothes to wear and the ones I have need a serious break. I didn't buy much anyway, I am effing broke.

Then I came home and watched The Bad News Bears because... well, honestly, because I can. LOL and the guys at [livejournal.com profile] jeh_fans posted some very enticing gifs. I was very surprised by it. It is so politically incorrect, and there's so much heavy shit going on. Can you post spoilers for a movie that is more than thirty years old? Whatever, no one is reading this anyway. Like, smacking your kid right in the middle of the field? What's that about? Dousing another one with beer, treating them like crap because you're a mean drunk. And then they lose?! Fuck yeah, I loved it! Also, why do people say Jackie has a receding hairline now? Looks to me like it's been the same since he was a kid, he just had longer hair. Well, it could have receded just a little, but the guy never had a chance. He looks betterseriously hot with the shaved head, though, so all is well.

I've been slacking with my shows, no more Lost, House and LOL at Heroes because I just quit it for good. I had no real internet for a while, had to use the crappy wireless/cellphone thingy and I couldn't download shit. It's taking a while to get back on the horse, the impending Huddy hookup doesn't help either. I know, what a freak, House fan who is against the Huddy shipping and not for any other ship.
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Rorschach told me I was a pervert. Nice game, though.

So I did finally get to see Watchmen on the big screen (I know you were worried, but I'm ok now) and I enjoyed it so much. I saw it Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and I'm thinking of seeing it yet again during the week. I noticed so many cool details (that I could not appreciate in the less legal and more shady version I had been able to acquire. shhhhhhhh) I had already noticed the 300 on the door (nice one, Zach) but I hadn't seen Laurie's picture framed at The Comedian's apartment, or his Silk Specter pinup engraved Zippo lighter. And Jackie Earle Haley on such big dimensions is defintiely not good for my health, but who cares?

I have so much to do this week, I'm reluctant to start. Time sensitive errands that must get done before Wednesday and all this pressure is making me very, very lazy. I never know when I'm going to perform well under pressure. Sometimes I'm seriously awesome and get everything done that needed to get done and then some, other times I freak out and hide under a rock. I think I do better when the pressure is really on, if it's medium then I start procrastinating.

Damn! It's midnight already, I should get some sleep or whatever.

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Loading up on coffee before Watchmen and I just finished watching Bad News Bears Braking Training. (it was better than I expected)

This day is improving.
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That's when Watchmen opens at my local movie theatres. 15 more days!! Those bitches! So, until then, I need to vent.

Today I bring you mini Rorschach. My computer crashed hard yesterday and I was left to my own devices, so I got crafty.

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Ok, seriously? If I were a teenager/fangirl, I would so do this. Not even for the movie, just because I love thinking up fun games and decorations, and this would be fairly easy to do. Actually, I was rather jealous of the girl who threw a Lost viewing party, with suitcases strewn about her house and printed Dharma labels for her water bottles.

There ain't no party like a... Twilight party?  <pdf, I know, it suxxorz. Watcha gonna do?

Check out the ecard! It's lame.

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I finally watched Vicky Christina Barcelona...

I want my time and my money back, thanks.
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I love this guy!

"If Edward was not a fictional character and you just met him in reality, you know, he's one of those guys who'd be like an axe murderer. [...] It's like, literally, like he'd just totally freak out some day and just shoot someone."

Oh, RPattz...
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Alright, thanks to mertonfanatic here's a movie meme.

Apparently if you've seen 85 out of these 239 films, you have no life. Clearly, I have none, because I would have added a lot more films to this list. It should be updated.

Whatever, here's the list. )
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I've been catching up on my Postcrossing private swaps. Quite honestly, I wasn't expecting such a surge of requests for swaps when I joined, but I can see how many people who collect postcards would need one from my country (apparently they're quite rare?). I have sent and received over 25 cards, and only two of those were through the random Postcrossing service. I had to start rejecting requests because postage isn't as cheap as I thought it was. So, I went searching through my inbox to find those who sent me stuff and never got anything back, and those I had to reject. While doing that I got 3 more requests! Now, I don't know what to do with all the cards I got. I put two beautiful ones I got from Japan in frames and put them on my wall, but the rest I keep in a folder. Any of you have ideas?

A friend and I are setting up a very small business. Well, we're still on the planning stages, but we're getting there. I hope it works out because, well, isn't that the dream? Making a living doing something you like to do? Actually, I won't quit my day job because I enjoy that too. But, I've learned that old phrase is true: You have to spend money to make money. As in, buying materials and tools (I have MOST of what I need, which is a plus).

It's so freaking hot outside, I really don't want to go out, but I'm going to the movies. We're gonna watch that new Jim Carrey movie, I don't have any hope of it being good, so maybe I'll enjoy it. Did I mention I saw Twilight yet again? All the time, I was thinking of the episode of Friends when they watch the birthing tape by mistake, and at one point Chandler says: "Why have I watched this three times?!" Yeah, the sparkling doesn't get old, it cracks me up every time. And that RPattz guy is pretty attractive when he's not donning that blank-yet-incredibly-angsty, undead expression. Who knew? Though I think he's younger than me, which is sightly depressing. Slightly.
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Dear Lord, Twilight is here. And sure enough, people are obsessed. Of course I saw the movie, mainly because I wanted to eat pop corn by the handful where no one could see me.

Everyone is freaking out about it, saying it's TEH BEST MOVIE EVAHH!! and I don't see it. I've seen worse, but it was pretty meh if you ask me. The acting was... intense, riddled with teen angst and sexual tension in a very awkward way, but the story wasn't that bad there some funny moments. I kept thinking "Maybe if I were a teenager I'd find this fantastic", but then my friend kept telling me to stop laughing when Edward sparkled, and I kept getting text messages from my sister (who I loaned the book to) saying "This book is amazing!" Seriously, 3 in one afternoon. I feel old. As a treat, Interview with the Vampire was showing on tv that same night, which set off thinking just how many vampire movies there are out there. 
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I was so ready to hate this movie, but I laughed and cried so many times, I was such an emotional wreck by the time it was over! It's deffinitely not as silly as they advertise it,  would recommend it, but it's not a feel good movie, at all.

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I got to thinking the other day, about how in movies and television good always conquers evil, probably after a huge epic battle in which many lives are lost serving a higher purpose. And then everyone's happy. "We won! Yay us! We defeated evil.. for good!"  And have you noticed how the girl always gets the hunky guy she was swooning over? Usually after a miraculous one day makeover, because no ugly/normal girl could ever get the dreamy guy everyone is after. How about in all these post-apocalyptic flicks that are surfacing (which I love, nonetheless), there's always one survivor, usually a former marine or a scientist who just happens to know how to make the antidote, or whatever it is that has to be done to save mankind.

Don't get me wrong, I widely enjoy watching tv shows and movies, but when did we become so emotionally retarded that we can't handle watching something that doesn't end right? I could watch a tv show in which evil triumphed (ahem, Sylar), people never get off the island, the heroic vampire dies, the rich brat never learns a lesson... Sometimes, in life, shit happens, and we deal with that. We go on, living our lives. But, nooo, we can't allow the quirky yet attractive girl NOT to end up with the tough yet steamy guy she loves to hate. Was there some contract signed at some point by the production companies? "Let's shield the masses from pain and suffering. Let's keep the hero alive at any cost. We can always get a bunch of unknowns locked in a crummy motel and saw their nuts off, you know, torture them a little. We have 10 extra gallons of  fake blood lying around..." Sure, the heroic guy who saves mankind lives, fair enough. But does his dog/cat/pet always have to die in an attempt to make us understand how much he suffers for his cause? Poor, innocent little animals never saw it coming.

I don't know, I guess it is good to have a little glimmer of hope, that when catastrophe rains down upon us someone will come and rescue us. Still, it'd be nice to see more realistic endings every now and then. Maybe the former marine really was the only survivor, and he wasn't so tough; it's hard killing 100 zombies with a broken arm. And then the camera pans out, over the zombie infested streets and into the sunset. Or maybe you really don't get back together with that ex boyfriend of yours, the one you loved but couldn't get along with, as seen in The Break Up or that other one with Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman. I'm not asking for all movies to end badly. Maybe one in five, you know, so we don't have to look over at our date half asleep and drooling and think "How come I'm stuck with this and not that prince like guy that covers the entire street with rose bouquets? Is that a half eaten milk dud on his chin?"


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