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2011-12-01 12:26 pm
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Writer's Block: Friday, I’m in love with you


I don't work and I don't visit relatives on that day, so I can get up late and just flop on the couch and watch movies/TV all day.[Error: unknown template qotd]
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2011-11-20 09:45 am
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30 Covers, 30 Days

Well, I thought I had no chance by now, but my novel got a cover for Day 19!

think I had an edge because of my region, because not many people from my region nominate themselves (I don't know how many, especially from my country). Anyway, I read my synopsis again and it looked pretty good, so different from what I actually wrote. I need to start making things happen. I have to win this time!

New York native Jon Contino is known for his unique illustration style which combines old and new world aesthetics into a modern, minimalist style. His work reveals the influences of historical New York, contemporary street art, and the lost art of hand-drawn lettering. He serves as a designer and consultant for brands large and small, and as co-founder and creative director of CXXVI Clothing Co. Jon recently won the ADC Young Guns award. 

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2011-11-15 10:55 am
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Writer's Block: It's payday!

I would move to a nicer place. Not huge or too expensive, just nicer.

And believe it or not I already have planned the amount of money I would hand out among my friends and, of course, my family.

Also, shoes.[Error: unknown template qotd]
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2011-11-11 11:48 am
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30 Covers, 30 Days Wants You!

Yaaaaaay, I got the email. This doesn’t mean you actually get a cover but that you are under consideration.

It’s still encouraging to just keep at it, someone else thought my synopsis sounded good.

Go me! :)

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2011-11-04 11:19 pm
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Day 4

Hey hey! Who is 7,693 words in today? Me, that's who.
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2011-09-25 09:37 am
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(no subject)


I don´t even know how I feel about this 0_o
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2011-05-24 04:24 pm
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(no subject)

Just in case you're wondering why I'm super upset today...

My stupid ex decided to request to be friends on Facebook.

Why would you even?

I was NOT thinking about you for a while. And now... WHAM!

"Hey? Remember me? I didn't stop existing after I dumped you in the worst, most cruel way. I kinda moved to Spain, or so my FB profile says. I don't know, I lied to you for 6 months, I could be lying. Anyway, keep thinking about me, OK? I wouldn't want you to move on even though I totally have. KTHXBYE"


Just. Don't. Must you? Really?
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2011-05-24 10:35 am
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Thank you, ontdcreepy!

Yesterday I decided to check in on my favorite community (ontdcreepy) and found out I couldn't read locked posts. I thought it was weird because I had been able to up to the day before. I figured, maybe it's a glitch and I would have to rejoin again.

Today I get this email saying my request to join had been denied "for the following reason: member of sfd_anon."

My first thought was "WTF? Since when am I member of sfd_anon"? My second thought was "WTF? Why would they even do this?"

I've NEVER been involved in any drama. I only joined communities like ONTD and SF_D to have something to read when I'm bored. I never post anything, I sometimes comment but not even on a weekly basis or anything.

It's nice to see that someone took the time to go through all the members of ontdcreepy and then through all the members of sfd_anon and blocked them JUST BECAUSE. Doesn't matter that I've been nothing but a lurker and an on topic commenter ever since I joined ontdcreepy back when it was created.

So, THANKS! ONTDCREEPY. For showing me I don't deserve to have fun on the internet, or hang out with you ~special~ people, even though I have done nothing wrong.

This just adds to all the crap going on in my life. I feel great. I hope you guys are enjoying it. If I was such a bad member, you'll be super happy now that you kicked me out.

ETA: In my big purge (I left sfd_anon and sf_d) I also learned I was a member of rpattzdaily. What even? They should have kicked me out for THAT)
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2011-04-30 09:21 am
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(no subject)

Ugh, screw you royal wedding. Now I want to be a princess. Actually, I don't. I would probably die if I had to walk the aisle in front of all those people.

But I was reading an article on the wedding cakes and OMG now I wan't cake. Or brownies.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm brownies
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2011-03-16 05:58 pm
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(no subject)

I am super giddy and excited because my Kindle arrived today! (Well, it arrived at my mom's place like a month ago, but she finally had the courage to stick in an envelope and send it my way). It's AWESOME. I mean, it's no iPad or smart phone, but I can't wait to finally read all the books in my To Read pile without having to lug them around and worsen my back problems. (I mean, seriously, The Stand? House of Leaves? We need to talk re: length and weight of paperbacks.)

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day and I am so going out to celebrate! It's also my anniversary at work. That's right, a year ago to the day (tomorrow) I started training here at my shiny new job. It went by fast and pretty enjoyable. I made new friends, I moved up in the tax brackett and all in all improved my quality of life in one year. That's impressive. I think.

Anyway, life is good. I thought I should record this moment.
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2011-02-17 07:29 pm
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Give a hand..

So, I actually found this via [livejournal.com profile] humantarget_tv but I thought I should spread the word.

This young lady is having her house foreclosed and she is selling all her DVDs (movies and TV shows) to raise some money. She has an impressive collection and she's selling them really cheap. I wanted Frascape but it's gone and I really can't go spending on DVDs, which sucks (I would have splurged for Farscape though. Go ahead, JUDGE ME. It was EPIC.)

Anyways, you should check it out, maybe get a cheap DVD and help someone out in the process. Think of the doggies, their stories broke my heart ;_;

There's also a fan auction (fics, vids, etc):

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2011-02-05 06:21 pm

(no subject)

I did a little more house work today. I saucified my pets storage shelf (where I store the pet stuff not the pets themselves, just sayin').

You can check it out here.
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2011-01-29 10:40 am

Home Blog

My home renovation blog is open now. I'm not exactly done with the design and layout, but I figured what better way to get motivated than to start blogging?

So, here is my new entry: it's about my new kitchen floor! I installed it myself! And it's super cute.

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2010-12-05 06:40 pm

(no subject)

I'm working on redecorating my patio as I'm already quite happy with the inside of my apartment (for now). I have no budget, but I'll have to make do and be thrifty. y first move was not very thrifty, though: I bought this gorgeous set of patio furniture.

I saw it at the store yesterday and I fell in love with it -it has the feel of being in a tiny bistro sitting outside, drinking an espresso. I don't know, it's pretty! I'm writing on my netbook sitting on one of those chairs right now, and I am super happy.

This afternoon I covered over all the cracks and dents on the walls and I plan on painting soon. I just want to make it feel more like a little nook where you can sit comfortably and read or write, instead of a barren, white walled outside area that all my neighbours can peek out at.

Anyway, today is podcast night but I'm looking forward to having dinner outside on the many summer nights that are coming very very soon. Bliss!
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2010-11-29 10:30 pm

(no subject)

I was thinking of doing a voice entry for this, but of course I gave it one listen and deleted it to hell. If it wasn't for Erin editing WPTJEH now, I'd still be talking only 30 seconds per episode, lol.

On WPTJEH news, that's coming along soon. We are having some trouble recording. Have you ever had to schedule 6 people who work and live in different states + countries? Yeah, not so easy. So we should record soon, and then Erin will edit (bless her) but that takes a while.

I have sooo many tv shows to catch up on! I still have to watch Caprica season 1.5. RIP Caprica, such a great show ;__; Also, The Walking Dead episodes 2 and forward. And I got some vintage Count Duckula episodes! I used to love that cartoon as a kid, but now I watch it and he was kind of a tool. xD

Anyways, the live tweeting of Human Target episode 2 went very well, althoug the episode did not. Ames is such a basic bitch, I wish she just up and died. Actually, dying is not required, she just needs to disappear.

AND, to honor the awesome Mr. Bear McCreary who's music I adore, I'm gonna leave you with my favorite piece of music from Battlestar Galactica. Listen to it, it's beautiful.

Upload Music

It's called "The Shape of Things to Come". It's no "Hey Ya" while Chance caps a guy but what do I know, I preferred the old Human Target music and not stupid needlepoints that make no sense.
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2010-11-17 09:33 pm

(no subject)

I don't know if I'll put up a Christmas tree this year.

a) I live alone. Is it too sad to setup a Christmas tree just for yourself? Some days I kinda think it is.

b) Last year I stashed it way on the top of the hallway closet and I might be too lazy to bring it back down.

c) If you're not a kid or have a big family, you don't really get to put presents under the tree. I just get my presents whenever and people usually expect you to open theirs in front of them to see if you liked it.

Of course this isn't relevant, and if I get the day off (doubtful) I'll just stay home and play video games all day. I have been known for spending Christmas Eve eating ice cream and watching Fear and Loathing, so why am I even pondering about this? Days off, that's what you get. Too much thinking!
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2010-10-31 06:13 pm
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I posted my costume at [livejournal.com profile] ontdcreepy  and I figured why not make my own post at my journal -that I hardly ever use anymore.

I was Lady Gaga last night -the only one at the party (I think, two other girls might have been her, also. They were wearing short wigs -one blue, one pink- and police tape dresses) , and I even got recognized xD It wasn't scary but it was all I could whip up with things laying around my house. I had no pics taken except some crappy ones.

This was my head piece (and the white hairspray that ruined my hair)

It looked better from a distance, and I almost poked my friend's eye out a couple of times.

And a dark picture to show what the dress looked like:

Now I'm watching Exorcist: The Beginning because Marley & Me was making a mess out of me LOL
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2010-09-10 11:51 pm
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(no subject)

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

LOL Awesome!
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2010-09-01 05:28 pm
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Zombies! Explotions! - A tl;dr dream by me

So, I hardly ever share anything here anymore but I had to share this awesome dream I had.

Myself and a group of random survivors of the zombie apocalypse were holed up in some non-descript building, managing to successfully hold off the hordes of the undead… so far. These were no regular zombies -they were smart. Or at least their “leader” was.

My dream began in the middle of a particularly crafty attack, during which our security perimeter had been breached and we were retreating to a higher floor for safety. Shaken and (some) injured, we do our best to get back to “normal”, standing guard and assessing our new situation. Suddenly, a crane (heavy machinery) operated by one of the zombies - I know! - drops off what seems to be a toddler on one of our terraces of sorts (basically a lower roof we had poor access to). Of course there was some dissent, with two groups forming: those who wanted tor escue the toddler and those who didn’t. “It’s clearly a trap! He’s probably already dead, we’d be fools to go out there!”

After some time goes by with random, day-to-day occurrences apparently going by, someone decides to check whatever happened to the toddler. And what do we see? It was A ZOMBIE TODDLER! AND HE FLIPPED US OFF. Needless to say we were upset, but I - having been on the more cautious side before, felt slightly relieved to have been right.

Afterwards it got very weird. Somehow, the zombie group leaders had managed to get their hands on some sort of blimp/flying device and were headed our way. Our doom drew near. So we armed ourselves as best we could and headed off into the street, fighting zombies left and right. A lot of casualties were had, but the few of us who managed to escape (very luckily) found an Armory and sought shelter inside. There we equipped an old truck with uber machine guns and something that was pretty much like a spear.

Suddenly, an explosion! The Armory’s front door had been blown apart and wave after wave of zombies started pouring in. The truck managed to squish most of them, those who weren’t reached by the machine gun of course. A high speed chase ensued - lasers (whut?), heavy fire, grenades!

At one point we have a stand off with the “leader” who apparently had Toddler Zombie with him - they were no match for our speared truck. SO by the end of the dream our truck is badly beaten down, and we’re speeding away from the hordes of evil undead through a forest, while speared Leader cackled maniacally and Toddler Zombie was… actually just stuck there. “Why are you laughing? We escaped!” We ask in disbelief.

“Yes, but you failed to notice where you escaped to!”

The truck slows down to a halt - we’re out of gas. We look around to find we are in the middle of a cemetery. Everywhere, surrounding us, open coffins lay astray as their previous occupants limp slowly in our direction. We jump out, huddle together and…

That’s where my brain ran out of ideas of how to save us from this impossible situation and I woke up.

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2010-07-26 11:16 pm
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(no subject)

So, here I am trying out my new Dell netbook. And I already love it <3 I've always wanted a portable computer, to do such useless things like this: blog in bed. Well, it's worth every penny, and the wait. I'm not going to stop using my desktop, especially for gaming and stuff, but this is bliss xD

Anyway, work is great, I'm still super excited about it.

I hope to get back on the internet activities again, and I already started a little last weekend. I just wish someone was online to chat now :/

It's totally freezing here so I should try to hide under the covers and sleep a little I guess.