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I was thinking of doing a voice entry for this, but of course I gave it one listen and deleted it to hell. If it wasn't for Erin editing WPTJEH now, I'd still be talking only 30 seconds per episode, lol.

On WPTJEH news, that's coming along soon. We are having some trouble recording. Have you ever had to schedule 6 people who work and live in different states + countries? Yeah, not so easy. So we should record soon, and then Erin will edit (bless her) but that takes a while.

I have sooo many tv shows to catch up on! I still have to watch Caprica season 1.5. RIP Caprica, such a great show ;__; Also, The Walking Dead episodes 2 and forward. And I got some vintage Count Duckula episodes! I used to love that cartoon as a kid, but now I watch it and he was kind of a tool. xD

Anyways, the live tweeting of Human Target episode 2 went very well, althoug the episode did not. Ames is such a basic bitch, I wish she just up and died. Actually, dying is not required, she just needs to disappear.

AND, to honor the awesome Mr. Bear McCreary who's music I adore, I'm gonna leave you with my favorite piece of music from Battlestar Galactica. Listen to it, it's beautiful.

Upload Music

It's called "The Shape of Things to Come". It's no "Hey Ya" while Chance caps a guy but what do I know, I preferred the old Human Target music and not stupid needlepoints that make no sense.
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