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Isn't procrastination awesome? I'm actually working while I do this, I find that by this time at night, just working drives me insane, so I need a little distraction. Hence, the insane icon making.


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Someone requested them in [livejournal.com profile] elevator_shaft so I had a go at it and failed miserably but whatever..

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That was one crappy episode of House! I mean, after the sexyness that was Locked In with all those close up shots of Hugh's face and arms... oh the arms! I know Kal Penn wanted to leave and all, but that was seriously awful. ;_;
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Again, awesome episode. I'm not one of those people that is always criticizing what should have happened or what shouldn't have, I'm just happy Lost is back! Especially now that Heroes is gone :(  I have no patience for capping, so I just took some funny expresions and played a little. If you like, take and credit.

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I scoured my computer to see if I could find any pictures to make icons in honor of my new layout. This is all I found. So here are 12 Pink Floyd (realted) icons. Enjoy. If you take some, you can credit in your user info, if it's not too much to ask.

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I made some icons just for fun. It's my first time ever doing any kind of icon, so I hope someone likes them. I made some Lost ones from the season 4 premiere, but I haven't had any time to cap, so maybe later there'll be some more. If you have ideas or requests just leave a comment.

+ 04 Lost - The Beginning of the End
+04 Sylar
+03 Peter Petrelli

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