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 Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to start a chronologically correct (except for the year of course) re read of Watchmen.

Start tomorrow, October 12th, and read only what is narrated in the corresponding October 12th journal entry. Then do the same for October 13th, and so on.

Of course, not ALL of Watchmen has been meticulously dated via journal entry, so you are going to have to use your judgment in those cases. Go by day/night intervals or just time yourself between entries. For example: Chapters 3 and 4 are Dr. Manhattan-centric. Rorschach's final entry in Chapter 3 is October 16th (after visiting Moloch) and the next one is October 21st in Chapter 5 (at Molochs' again). So you will have 5 days to read those chapters as you prefer -all at once, a few pages a day, etc.-

Since it's all for fun and no profit, you can do whatever you want, obviously. But it would be awesome, wouldn't it? 

Would anyone be interested in doing some #Watchmen tweeting during the re read? 

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Because I already did this with the Director's Cut and the theatrical dvd covers, I couldn't just skip this one.

If you can't laugh at your obsessionsfandoms they will, I don't know, eat you. Or, something. 

Theatrical Cut )

Director's Cut )

Disclaimer: Do I even need to remind anyone how much I love this movie? Yeah, I didn't think so, just checking.

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It's been a while since I did a proper Watchmen Spam in my journal. This merits a post. An unlocked post.

I'm buying this. I need to start saving up some money. It shall be mine. 

ETA: People, stop whining. Yes, they're trying to make more money. It's bad enough that the movie sort of tanked in the box office, it deserves to do well. Sure, some asshole, fat cat, movie business exec will get even richer, but then everyone else involved in it will gain some more respect for it. Also, it will be EPIC. And AWESOME.
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The crackiest fanvid ever.

Song is Someone Is Crazy by Jonathan Coulton
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I'd like to say it was hard work, but I'd be lying. It was fun and I definitely learned a lot of what I can and cannot do. So I'm happy. And this is one of my favorite panels in the GN. Still undecided on what I should do. If I make a tote, then it might get ruined, but I'd like to rock the shit out of it. So I might make it, and eventually cut it and hang it on my wall. Yes, I like it that much. (Or I can stop being a chicken and do what I really wanted: a big mural in my bedroom. What do you mean I'm crazy?)


Bigger and details )
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Well I'm glad at least something I tried to make is turning out ok. I was feeling pretty crappy for a while there. But today I got an idea, a little different from what I'd been doing before, and I'm a very happy panda now.

Being me, I can still mess it up, but I think the hardest part is done already. I just need to buy the rest of the colors (which will be tricky, but I can always mix them myself) and do a paint by numbers sort of thing xD After that it will probably become a tote. It could have been a pillow, but I only had canvas to try. If anyone is interested once I'm finished, I might make a few more.

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Saturday is awesome! Why? Because my Watchmen DVD arrived. Rejoice!


Twitter seems to be working for now, thank God! I am dependent on it, I admit it. It's the only way I can stay in touch with the awesome ladies in Team ShortSchach during the day. I work from home, without my internet it gets really quiet. I think of it as cubicle chatter. You do that at work and interact with people, I can only talk to my dogs for so long without feeling crazy. 

Anyway, while Twitter was down I cleaned out my closet (not a bad thing) and I decided to try on some clothes I haven't worn in a long time. I was so excited to find out I still fit into this t-shirt! )

Ok, I should really try and get some work done before the Watchmen live chat tonight. But there's a new idea for a comic strip that just came up on Twitter and that's pulling at me so hard. No. Must work. At least for a while. This headache doesn't help my case. Serves me right for going to the late showing of The Proposal, which sucked big time, and then getting up early today to get my DVD. The DVD was worth it, The Proposal not so much.

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If you already saw this on Twitter, I apologize.

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I decided to buy my sister a birthday gift and since she's a hat person I figured she would appreciate owning a fedora. They were so cheap that I had to buy one for myself. And you know what I realized?

So, you know, stuff happened. Guys, I support cosplaying but I've never done it so this is really very weird for me. Anyway, I still think it's a funny picture.

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Word of advice, even if you are clowning around and having a blast, if you have a sore throat it's not a good idea to try and say things Rorschach style.

I had so much fun last night on Skype! I didn't think it was possible. I don't even care that the Director's Cut DVD doesn't have any commentary any more because ours was full of win. And when the tweets started coming in of people getting hugged and shit signed by Jackie we were like "Oh that's cool! Anyway, I love this next scene.." I think our little support group style chat helped prevent some murders last night XD Or at least some destruction of property out of pure rage.(BTW, it's none of my business, but I was so happy and "D'aww" to hear that his wife was there. I have a feeling she's probably an awesome lady.) And I love Team Short!Schach so hard, you don't make me feel self conscious and I love talking to you. I'm sure I'll start talking more as time goes by.

I should try to work today, I'll see how the day goes. At the moment, the thing that's calling out to me more is installing Fallout 3 again and playing for a loooong looooong time.

ETA: I didn't know James Franco was so awesome. )

Busy bee

Jul. 14th, 2009 11:00 am
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So, YouTube refused to let me embed my video, but I went a different way. Hope you like it. Like I said before, not a shipper, at all.

ETA: I replaced it with a better quality.

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I don't know. It's a fanvid, it exists.


Song: Heart's a Mess

And it doesn't embed, somehow. But I've never uploaded anything to YouTube before.

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These are my thoughts on yaoi Watchmen.

A little over 10 days to go for the Director's Cut release and I am way too excited about it, especially now that I have seen how a lot of the stuff that was missing might be included- this will make it the best movie ever. Unquestionable.

Hollis' death and Dan's reaction are a shoe-in, thankfully. I love that scene with Dan's reaction, because he had always been in control of his emotions up until then, but he completely loses it when he is confronted with a direct tragedy. Even if he had always been out there seeing injustice and death (which could have desensitized him) this wasn't some random person off the streets, it was his friend and mentor and someone he knew very well and cared for deeply. I do believe that in the theatrical cut of the movie they still achieved a sense of it by having him cry out like he did after Manhattan killed Rorschach. That is something I would have loved to see in the graphic novel because it means that Rorschach’s death mattered to someone, and he finally had someone to mourn him. Alan Moore didn’t give him that.

And speaking of that crazy redhead, he finally gets to be the voice of reason for once. Not only does he stop Dan -who has been merrily pounding on some random Knot Top- but he tries to comfort him.

R: “Merely suggesting that by finding mask killer can have revenge for Mason’s death. Meant to comfort you”

D: “Who in their right mind could take comfort from… Yeah, okay. Thanks Rorschach. Really, thank you.”

R: “You’re welcome”

Now this has to be one of the main reasons why he seems to be everyone's favorite character. It's not because he's sexy or such a bamf or cool, it's because he's so complex. Even after everything he has gone through, after living the way he has, he can still pull out his softer and more human side, one that had been hidden under the mask repressed for so long, to comfort his only friend.

Still, both these scenes, as much as I like them, are deeply tied to the scene with Walter's landlady- or at least they are to me.
TL;DR if anyone reads it they get a cookie. )
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Those screen caps going around from the leaked extended cut of Watchmen are just way too delicious. Just enough to have me anxious and giddy for the next 20 days.

I finally got someone to watch it with me! My best friend's husband, who I was really counting on to recruit into the fandom, is really excited about it. And when my friend told him I wanted to watch it on their awesome tv, he said he was in! He really liked the movie, so I'm thinking of loaning him my copy of the GN. I know! My baby! Even my friend said: "Are you crazy? You're loaning out that book?!" LOL I'll figure something out... anything for another (local) fan, right?

Oh, and yes Twitter friends, I couldn't resist turning that picture into an icon because the guy looks just yummy in it. I'm sorry, he does and I have no shame in accepting it. You guys keep Quinto ;-)


Jun. 25th, 2009 11:56 am
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A post, since I haven't done one in so long and now that I actually have LJ friends (I feel so loved!) I think I have an obligation to spam their friends list every now and then. Feel free to ignore all the posts I've made to communities and tell me "You never spam, we love your posts!" Lie to me.

Seriously considering penning an evil plan to acquire a Blu-Ray player of any kind whatsoever. I don't know why there's so much Blu-Ray love from everyone involved in the Watchmen movie production. Did I miss a memo and now DVDs are lame? But they were cool last year, right? Unlike those nerdy CDs and don't even get me started on those douche-bag floppies. I think they might be testing our loyalty- once they get us all into Blu-Ray they'll up the ante and ask us to do something weirder. Alan Moore wouldn't approve. Not that I wouldn't do a whole bunch of unspeakable stuff to for you Snyder, but next time lets try and keep it on the cheaper side, okay?

But the news were pretty awesome, even if I won't get to see the new cut on theaters (at least a lot of other people won't either *evil*) and even if it takes me forever to see the Blu-Ray magical experience, I'll be content with my DC. The video was pretty funny, too.

I am SO coveting that 300 Blu-ray. 300 f-ing rocks!

That poster in the background is the cover for the theatrical cut DVD. Which I have kindly dissected for you.

Cut for stupid ) 

I still wonder why they have Rorschach just gliding in, leaving all that free fire on his path. Those lit embers are flying way too close to little Walter, if you know what I mean. We get it, he won't be using it any time soon (considering some a-hole blew him up), don't remind us.

Where's Adrian? *please read that in your best Tim Gunn "Where's Andrae?" impression* He's a tool building. Maybe he is what's on fire on the corner- The Comedian looks certainly happy enough, so it  would make sense.

Dr Psycho!Smurf is flying! Does he even fly? Like ever? I now he teleports, changes size (height) and clones himself at will but other than when he first materializes, I don't think he's ever flown. (Well, more like hovered)

Discuss amongst yourselves.
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I have decided to make Mini Rory a tiny celebratory can of beans. I'm really excited about the already pre-ordered DVD. But now I can't wait until it gets here! D:

Beans!!! )
I already tweeted this, but I was just so glad someone finally said it:

"I feel like Black Freighter will just fuck everything the shit up." #

Really, I did love Black Freighter on it's own, but I'm dubious as to how well they will be able to splice it in the movie. Also, I don't have Blu-Ray and don't intend to switch any time soon. Now, if the Ultimate Edition comes out on DVD, then I'd have to think about it, if only for the scene of Walter at the newsstand asking for his copy of The New Frontiersman- but I'm hoping it will be on the Director's Cut already.

Have I been posting way too much about Watchmen? I appologize. See, I ditched all my other fandoms about a month ago and I never looked back. I got tired of House because it was always pretty much the same, and I hate Huddy. I got behind on Lost and now it just feels like way too much work catching up. I don't think anyone can blame me for running away from Heroes like if it was infected with Swine Flu. Wtf happened Heroes? You used to be cool.


Jun. 4th, 2009 11:42 am
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I JUST PRE-ORDERED WATCHMEN. I never pre-ordered anything before, I'm excited.

Estimated delivery is July 31st DX


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