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In case anyone was wondering, I'm keeping the more personal stuff here, but all the picspams and other silly stuff is now posted at my Tumblr:
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I am editing the podcast as I type this. It's awesome, as usual, but I really can't wait for next episodes. We have so much cool stuff planned. 8D

On a personal note, I am spent. Exhausted. And still in a foul mood, although it's less caustic than it was on Saturday. I apologize again PodSchachs. Thanks for cheering me up. :) And today, too.

I love all you Shorties, and wptJEH, and Twitter, and Stick- with his "prison hugs" and morbid phobia of curly fries, and his need for "hetero hugs" and an unmarked bike. May you find the latter two of those wherever you are now. (Oh God, that sounded like a memorial, why did I just basically kill him? o.0)

ETA: Dude, Stick memorial thread? ;_; Snorting broccoli in heaven.

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I started a new community that no one has joined because I haven't pimped it anywhere. I know there's a fandom because of a secret posted to [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets  not too long ago. I just need to find them. XD Wanna join [livejournal.com profile] snyder_fans  ? You can come for the awesome movies and stay for the cookies sexy.

This sexy back compels you to look at this pic spam.


What do you say guys?
ETA: Testimonials

[personal profile] serena_took :
"Jackie approves of this pic spam. ;-)"


Jun. 8th, 2009 09:55 pm
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Really, sometimes people get to me, not in they way would want to but because they're so... dumb?

Eh, I know I usually try to find the good in people and it's wrong. I end up feeling sad for the people who get to so mixed up with drama and needless grief. Life isn't that complicated- or it wouldn't be if they didn't make it so.

I have learned the only way to avoid these people is to sit quietly until they get bored and leave, and they have a very short attention span. And really, all this... it means nothing, I've managed to not do it for years and didn't even miss it. I just tried doing something nice and was reminded once more, some people don't want (or deserve) nice.

And thus, I say "screw everyone" and just walk away. [Not literally, of course.]
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LOL "Hard" work. I finally got the main site up and running just how I wanted. The community is a little harder to customize, but it's already set up and working, and it's awesome. So anyway, here's a small screen cap, you can check it out for yourself. :D

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I have a cold, freshly baked from last night it seems. Bleh, it's not like it isn't cold enough to get sick, but I really hate it. DX

I'm announcing it: After I'm done setting up the new JEHFans.com I'm taking two days off to play Fallout 3. No Twitter, no MSN, nothing, just pure, unfiltered gaming. Bliss! I'm sorry girls, I love you all, but this has been pretty straining. And after all this, I'm still not sure we won't get hacked again- although we switched servers and are running a more secure script, these guys are relentless and they have no life so they can just keep doing it until they get bored. *shrugs* Why Turkish hackers would want to bring down JackieEarleHaleyFans.com is beyond me, but who knows what they were thinking.

Anyway, enough sad talk for today. I may have a little sneak peek for you guys later today, or during the weekend. Probably today since you know I love procrastination, especially if it involves Jackie! :D
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I fear that I always do something wrong when things are going great. Not on purpose, of course, I never really mean harm, but I think it doesn't matter in the end because it happens anyway. : /

I need to cultivate my social life. I have one, it's just not very active. I've been wanting to go out, dancing or something, but I have no money so it's been put on hold. I had a nice day today, spent the afternoon with my bff, we had raspberry ice cream and just had a great time. The weather was unbelievable, probably one of the last days of warmth and sun so we made the best of it. Luckily, my day is ending on a high note, even if it started with me doubled up in bed, suffering X(

Now, if I could get my computer to stop crashing and let me finish work, it would be just perfect.


May. 8th, 2009 11:04 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] wptjeh 

That's right. XD

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Leonard Pitts, a reporter for the Miami Herald, writes an article called I won't Twitter my life away, in which he completely misses the point and successfully comes off as an old fart who is running out of stuff to complain about. The article itself is... painful to read, but here it is if you want to read it.

The real gold, however, is in the comments.

I doubt you will take the time to read this Mr. Pitts, because obviously you don't care enough to understand social equity. Up until an hour ago I did not know you existed. I did not know that you were an author, had a web site, and had been alive enough years to be too stubborn to learn new things. You see, up until an hour ago, there wasn't a link to your article on Twitter.

There is a point in every person's life when they realize they have turned the corner and are now "old" and irrelevant. Mr. Pitts, I believe that time has come for you. You're too stubborn to try new things yet arrogant enough to write about it.

Andrew Nash

Of course this is now being tweeted and re-tweeted all over, and surely enough, I heard about it in Decor 8's Holly's Twitter feed. I may not tweet a lot, but I love following creative people's feeds (my friends are not into it, and we IM via MSN mostly), and I try to never miss the #sf_d parties (woot!). Shame on you, Leonard.


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