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Stolen from [profile] sarah_1228 

Bold each show that you've seen three or more episodes of.

Italicize any show that you're sure you've seen every episode of.

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So I'm scrolling through my Friends page, lots of stuff. SF_D always has something interesting to read, commenting on my few actual journal and not communities friends. I usually check out the icons in case I want to snag one. And then something caught my eye...

Wait... what?

[6] Kutner/Padme Amidala (star wars!) icons
[6] Kutner/Padme Amidala (star wars!) icons ?!?!
[6] Kutner/Padme Amidala (star wars!) icons ?!?!


Just no.

Step away from the computer.

Thank you!

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Argh! It's raining!

I made a few True Blood icons today (the one used for this post included). And I watched Big Love. Somehow, that filled my entire day. That and following RPattz Tuesday at SF_D. It's perfect, though, because I've been working my ass off lately and I needed a break.
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I got to thinking the other day, about how in movies and television good always conquers evil, probably after a huge epic battle in which many lives are lost serving a higher purpose. And then everyone's happy. "We won! Yay us! We defeated evil.. for good!"  And have you noticed how the girl always gets the hunky guy she was swooning over? Usually after a miraculous one day makeover, because no ugly/normal girl could ever get the dreamy guy everyone is after. How about in all these post-apocalyptic flicks that are surfacing (which I love, nonetheless), there's always one survivor, usually a former marine or a scientist who just happens to know how to make the antidote, or whatever it is that has to be done to save mankind.

Don't get me wrong, I widely enjoy watching tv shows and movies, but when did we become so emotionally retarded that we can't handle watching something that doesn't end right? I could watch a tv show in which evil triumphed (ahem, Sylar), people never get off the island, the heroic vampire dies, the rich brat never learns a lesson... Sometimes, in life, shit happens, and we deal with that. We go on, living our lives. But, nooo, we can't allow the quirky yet attractive girl NOT to end up with the tough yet steamy guy she loves to hate. Was there some contract signed at some point by the production companies? "Let's shield the masses from pain and suffering. Let's keep the hero alive at any cost. We can always get a bunch of unknowns locked in a crummy motel and saw their nuts off, you know, torture them a little. We have 10 extra gallons of  fake blood lying around..." Sure, the heroic guy who saves mankind lives, fair enough. But does his dog/cat/pet always have to die in an attempt to make us understand how much he suffers for his cause? Poor, innocent little animals never saw it coming.

I don't know, I guess it is good to have a little glimmer of hope, that when catastrophe rains down upon us someone will come and rescue us. Still, it'd be nice to see more realistic endings every now and then. Maybe the former marine really was the only survivor, and he wasn't so tough; it's hard killing 100 zombies with a broken arm. And then the camera pans out, over the zombie infested streets and into the sunset. Or maybe you really don't get back together with that ex boyfriend of yours, the one you loved but couldn't get along with, as seen in The Break Up or that other one with Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman. I'm not asking for all movies to end badly. Maybe one in five, you know, so we don't have to look over at our date half asleep and drooling and think "How come I'm stuck with this and not that prince like guy that covers the entire street with rose bouquets? Is that a half eaten milk dud on his chin?"


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