Oct. 5th, 2009 11:58 am
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 I had this nightmare a couple of nights ago, but I scared the living daylights out of me, so I am going to share it with you. Of course, this was mostly scary because as I was dreaming it, it felt like it was actually happening to me, so you might read it and go "... meh"

I was in my old apartment with my sister, one that was tiny and on a 5th floor and had only the one, paper thin door to exit through, and into a very narrow corridor. For some reason, we were already scared and running/hiding from something or someone. I hadn't been disturbed by the dream up to this point so I can't remember much of what happened until then.

As we were starting to calm down, I hear a fumbling at the door. Not a banging, but, like someone trying to open it or something else. So I sneak over to it and look through the peep hole only to find some average yet creepy looking figure standing there. I freak out and lean against the door, telling my sister that there was someone out there. Then I suddenly hear more noises, and the door starts to budge a little. So I look out the peep hole again... and there are more people out there! Like 5 more. And now they are all trying to get the door open. I start yelling frantically at my sister to come and help, and to hide the dogs (idek) and every time I look back out there are more and more creepy looking figures outside! I woke up when the door was starting to give, completely terrified.

Thoughts? o.0
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I had the weirdest dream.

I can only remember parts of it but it included Wolverine at some point, I think he just like sped by chasing someone. Then me and a group of random people I don't know were looking for someone or something through some hills. We were on some sort of hike, some people were on bikes (one of them was that blond guy from Breaking Away, who pretended to be Italian) and after a while were in one of those very orderly designed suburban neighborhoods. And then suddenly, we were all in a room, and tiny Kelly Leak was crying to whoever that girl was in Bad News Bears because his dad had been released from jail and the people in the neighborhood were freaking out because he was a murderer. o_0

All of this had this surreal atmosphere, like all weird dreams do.

So yeah, wtf brain? Drugs, I don't need them.


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