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Rorschach told me I was a pervert. Nice game, though.

So I did finally get to see Watchmen on the big screen (I know you were worried, but I'm ok now) and I enjoyed it so much. I saw it Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and I'm thinking of seeing it yet again during the week. I noticed so many cool details (that I could not appreciate in the less legal and more shady version I had been able to acquire. shhhhhhhh) I had already noticed the 300 on the door (nice one, Zach) but I hadn't seen Laurie's picture framed at The Comedian's apartment, or his Silk Specter pinup engraved Zippo lighter. And Jackie Earle Haley on such big dimensions is defintiely not good for my health, but who cares?

I have so much to do this week, I'm reluctant to start. Time sensitive errands that must get done before Wednesday and all this pressure is making me very, very lazy. I never know when I'm going to perform well under pressure. Sometimes I'm seriously awesome and get everything done that needed to get done and then some, other times I freak out and hide under a rock. I think I do better when the pressure is really on, if it's medium then I start procrastinating.

Damn! It's midnight already, I should get some sleep or whatever.

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New layout! I got bored of the old one. I'm having a wierd couple of days.

First of all, I've been sick, something's up with my stomach and I don't know what it is. I'm blaming the FRIGGIN' heat. Yeah. Also, my boss is back, which sucks because I did not get caught up with work, but whatevs...

I've been playing Mirror's Edge. Cool game, highly addictive. Will soon re install Fallout 3 to play the Operation Anchorage DLC thing. I hope they didn't ruin my favourite game with a lame ass, stupid mission. (Fallout 3 is totally the best game ever, partly because they used Liam Neeson's voice Y/Y?)

See ya.


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