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I finished reading Transmetropolitan last night. It's awesome. I'll need to re read it later because there's just so much to it. There were so many sad, touching moments in it, mixed in with the profanity and the inappropriateness and the drugs. Simply amazing. Oh, and you know how I mentioned that I am utterly in love with Watchmen's color palette? Well I am just crazy about the page design and all the different angles that were used in TM.

I didn't work today because I worked yesterday for most of the day, so I just edited the podcast and dedicated some modly attention to wptjeh. Very calm. But I will have to murder my boss tomorrow if he doesn't come and pay me because I still need to pay this month's bills.

I got a tweet back from Jackie Earle Haley today, so 8D YAY! It's so geeky that he still signs all his tweets. We know it's you, man. However, I did not appreciate all the barbecue talk because now I'm hungry, but whatever.

Anyway, we kicked off the Who Runs Paramount? contest for the podcast and I'm very proud of it. I think it's a funny idea and I really can't wait to start getting entries. All my minions ShortPodSchachs were stellar in the crafting of this awesome contest.

And [livejournal.com profile] wikiwikiwick  made this incredible plug for it. Listen to it and be amazed by it!

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If you already saw this on Twitter, I apologize.

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That's when Watchmen opens at my local movie theatres. 15 more days!! Those bitches! So, until then, I need to vent.

Today I bring you mini Rorschach. My computer crashed hard yesterday and I was left to my own devices, so I got crafty.


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