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I'd like to say it was hard work, but I'd be lying. It was fun and I definitely learned a lot of what I can and cannot do. So I'm happy. And this is one of my favorite panels in the GN. Still undecided on what I should do. If I make a tote, then it might get ruined, but I'd like to rock the shit out of it. So I might make it, and eventually cut it and hang it on my wall. Yes, I like it that much. (Or I can stop being a chicken and do what I really wanted: a big mural in my bedroom. What do you mean I'm crazy?)


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Well I'm glad at least something I tried to make is turning out ok. I was feeling pretty crappy for a while there. But today I got an idea, a little different from what I'd been doing before, and I'm a very happy panda now.

Being me, I can still mess it up, but I think the hardest part is done already. I just need to buy the rest of the colors (which will be tricky, but I can always mix them myself) and do a paint by numbers sort of thing xD After that it will probably become a tote. It could have been a pillow, but I only had canvas to try. If anyone is interested once I'm finished, I might make a few more.

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This is... I don't know what it is. I don't write fan fiction and I suck at doing good fan art, so this is just an idea that I had. Enjoy!

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Well, I've been really coveting those Rum Runner shirts, and I planned to make myself one but since I already had everything I needed to make a tote... I ended up with a Rum Runner tote XD I love it!

I was lucky enough to get my sewing machine working properly today- she can be such a bitch sometimes. Sure, the thread got cut a couple of times but all in all, it was good. I admit I could have put a little more effort on perfecting the print, but I was anxious to get it done and to not have the kitty jump on it before it was dry.

Just a regular tote.

And the purple lining gives it a nice touch. XD I wish it was pinstriped.

Sorry for those who already saw it on Twitter. :)

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My copy of Watchmen has arrived! Yaaay! And it was by far the fastest international delivery ever! 8 days. It usually takes a month!
TPB because I can't afford the fancy edition AND international shipping )

And just as I was finishing my totebag )

It's just a practice one, since I'm learning how to use my great aunt's ancient sewing machine. You know, powered by human. It's kind of a bitch, likes to cut the thread a lot, and there's no controlling which direction it goes, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. :D They're for my (and my friend's) store, but we're not going to use the Rorschach print, that's just for me because it's the first one I've ever made and the stitching's a little messy.

I was in a bus crash yesterday! Actually, the bus I was riding on rammed into some poor girl's car; the driver was apparently in a hurry and couldn't stop in time for the street light change. It's a surprise they don't crash more often, though, considering how they drive like maniacs.


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