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So, [profile] elle_vee  found this and linked to it in her Twitter. It's enraging.

I just can't stand looking at his hideous face, and every time I see him he reminds me of the creepy pedophile from Little Children. Source.

I just *sigh* It's not so hard realizing the difference between an actor and the roles he plays. It's not, really. I know I already said this on the podcast but, no one would think Johnny Depp was actually a pirate because of the Pirate of the Caribbean movies. I know this is a ver dumb, rare case, but come on.

Ok, I'm done now.
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I finished reading Transmetropolitan last night. It's awesome. I'll need to re read it later because there's just so much to it. There were so many sad, touching moments in it, mixed in with the profanity and the inappropriateness and the drugs. Simply amazing. Oh, and you know how I mentioned that I am utterly in love with Watchmen's color palette? Well I am just crazy about the page design and all the different angles that were used in TM.

I didn't work today because I worked yesterday for most of the day, so I just edited the podcast and dedicated some modly attention to wptjeh. Very calm. But I will have to murder my boss tomorrow if he doesn't come and pay me because I still need to pay this month's bills.

I got a tweet back from Jackie Earle Haley today, so 8D YAY! It's so geeky that he still signs all his tweets. We know it's you, man. However, I did not appreciate all the barbecue talk because now I'm hungry, but whatever.

Anyway, we kicked off the Who Runs Paramount? contest for the podcast and I'm very proud of it. I think it's a funny idea and I really can't wait to start getting entries. All my minions ShortPodSchachs were stellar in the crafting of this awesome contest.

And [livejournal.com profile] wikiwikiwick  made this incredible plug for it. Listen to it and be amazed by it!

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it's so WTF I think I want it. I'M SO CONFUSED!!!

Thanks to [profile] elle_vee  who found it and shared.

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I got out of doing some errands today that would have taken all morning, so now I'm trying to finish work early so I can finally get the new episode of wptJEH ready. I've been a deadbeat podcaster, I know *hangs head in shame*

Of course it wouldn't be me if I weren't multi-tasking so I was checking emails and somehow found this Nightmare on Elm Street teaser description that I hadn't read before.

After a brief depiction of the burning of the iconic character in whichFreddy Krueger is shown being chased through an industrial part of town toward the boiler room which will hold his fate -- all the while screaming, "What do you think I did?" -- Jackie Earle Haley is shown as the Freddy that fans remember -- brutal and relentless. The tone of the nightmares is decidedly surreal and creepy -- featuring some first-rate imagery and a great throwback to the first film's bodybag sequence. While the make-up isn't shown in tremendous detail, the posture, voice and performance all indicate that fans should be very pleased with the casting when the film releases next April. Source

I don't want to feel sorry for Freddy. :( But I might, because Jackie is too adorable and he always makes you feel deeply for his characters, even if he shouldn't. Oh well, should try and remove my fangirl goggles before watching this movie because finding Freddy sexy is something I really cannot deal with. (Crap, I'll probably have to)

Anyway, speaking of teasers, here's something I made for wptJEH. I will not explain what it is until Friday, but I'm sort of happy with it.

Happy Hump Day everyone!
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I am editing the podcast as I type this. It's awesome, as usual, but I really can't wait for next episodes. We have so much cool stuff planned. 8D

On a personal note, I am spent. Exhausted. And still in a foul mood, although it's less caustic than it was on Saturday. I apologize again PodSchachs. Thanks for cheering me up. :) And today, too.

I love all you Shorties, and wptJEH, and Twitter, and Stick- with his "prison hugs" and morbid phobia of curly fries, and his need for "hetero hugs" and an unmarked bike. May you find the latter two of those wherever you are now. (Oh God, that sounded like a memorial, why did I just basically kill him? o.0)

ETA: Dude, Stick memorial thread? ;_; Snorting broccoli in heaven.

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A lesson against procrastination: if I had purchased the much needed dog food yesterday I wouldn't have had to go out in the rain today. Actually, calling it a lesson is a stretch because I'm not gonna learn from this, I'll probably do it again and again.

Not that I could ever get tired of the Guerrero picture I was using as a header BUT I realized my journal was looking way too fangirly and I do not need the extra crazy points. So, as of today I am sporting a completely neutral journal theme (a bit girly for my taste but I am a girl after all, I believe). ALl the pic posts will take care of the lack of JEH, you know they will. ;-) Also, since I had been a deadbeat LJer ever since I joined, I decided to go ahead and pimp out my profile. If anyone wants to friend me now they'll know what they're getting into.

Still reading Shutter Island. FUCKING. AWESOME. BOOK. I mean, the scene with George Noyce (Jackie's character in the movie) is heartbreaking and depressed way more than any other book ever did before- but from the first page it just draws you in and you can't put it down. It has a slightly creepy vibe (story wise) but it also cracked a few laughs from me. Here are a few of my favorite bits. In my defense, I've been reading it at 1.30 - 2.00 in the morning, so they may not be as amusing as they seemed to me.

Possibly spoilery? Eh, worth the warning just in case.

Not gonna lie, I hope patient 67 isn't who I think it is... )

Anyway, should get to podcast editing. I've been in a foul mood for the past few days, and I think it's because of my sore throat. Either get worse already or go away. This in between thing is draining me. :-/

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Actually, I don't need a reason to do a pic spam, but since we're all having a crappy day, it just fits. Also, Twitter, why have you forsaken me??
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Another start of the week another podcast episode posted. We had 103 plays on the first episode (well, the ones at the site that keeps track of that) and the second one a little less, but again, the streaming is working on wptjeh.com and that doesn't track plays. :( But I loathe the way the other site looks, so I'm not sure what to do about that. People are loving it, though. Those who comment, anyway. Now I start to get all the rage on low comments for fics. It's nice to see some reactions.

Anyway, if you're bored, here's a little macro I modified for the enjoyment of JEH/Rorschach fans.

REDHEADS! What was I saying? )


Aug. 1st, 2009 12:27 pm
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Wow, I slept way too much. Was up too late with the podcast, which I don't mind at all because I just have way too much fun with those girls! So I woke up with a headache but that was swiftly taken care of with a little coffee and A LOT of staring at this gif:

It's safe to say I love [livejournal.com profile] wikiwikiwick  forever.

Ok, enough of that. (For now) Got podcasts to edit and other stuff to do. Too bad I didn't get to do the interview, but I guess we can do it some other time. And with 3 hours to turn into half an hour, I think we're covered with the week's topic... whatever that is XD

We still have to do a lot more live movie chats. Maniac Cop 3 was hilarious, I think we really should repeat that, and I'm sure it's going to become my favorite bad movie of all time (sorry Tremors!) I love it, it's like a support group, and we'll need that for The Zoo Gang. Oooh, I'm dreading that one.

I really liked making the little Rorschach comic strip, I might make a few more of those. I don't know if anyone would be interested, but maybe it will then make me try to practice actual drawing, which I haven't done in years. Should be fun. :)
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Yeah, there's no other explanation. And no, this is not the extent of my drawing skills, just wanted to point that out.

This is pirate JEH. He was born and raised on Twitter by Team Short!Schach. Why? Because just think about it: Pirate Jackie. Nuff said.

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Word of advice, even if you are clowning around and having a blast, if you have a sore throat it's not a good idea to try and say things Rorschach style.

I had so much fun last night on Skype! I didn't think it was possible. I don't even care that the Director's Cut DVD doesn't have any commentary any more because ours was full of win. And when the tweets started coming in of people getting hugged and shit signed by Jackie we were like "Oh that's cool! Anyway, I love this next scene.." I think our little support group style chat helped prevent some murders last night XD Or at least some destruction of property out of pure rage.(BTW, it's none of my business, but I was so happy and "D'aww" to hear that his wife was there. I have a feeling she's probably an awesome lady.) And I love Team Short!Schach so hard, you don't make me feel self conscious and I love talking to you. I'm sure I'll start talking more as time goes by.

I should try to work today, I'll see how the day goes. At the moment, the thing that's calling out to me more is installing Fallout 3 again and playing for a loooong looooong time.

ETA: I didn't know James Franco was so awesome. )
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It was about time we got to see a picture of Freddy, as lame as it was. We thought Jackie was a tease? Hmph. (He is, anyway)

Of course I went and made a couple of icons, they are crappy because the picture is way too dark, but whatever.

If you didn't see it, you can see it here.


Jul. 14th, 2009 07:13 pm
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Today is Jackie Earle Haley's birthday and I am so glad everyone decided to spam his twitter with well wishes XD The guy deserves that and more!

Looking good, man. Looking good.

I bought some kick ass shoes today, them and my new jacket will help me get through the winter with style. (The jacket was dirt cheap, to be honest, so it's not THAT pretty.)

Check out my awesome new shoes! )

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Alright my minions I have made this xtreme macro of JEH so you can go forth and spread his awesomeness all through the interwebs.

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Well, I started collecting the JEH facts (aka as Rules of Awesome) from Twitter to make a list out of them.

ETA: Woo! We have new facts! Keep them coming.

The Jackie Earle Haley Facts of Awesome )

And because this guy is almost as -if not equally awesome:

(very few) Zack Snyder Facts over here )
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I have a couple more lj themes to share because the world needs more JEH LJ themes. Now, the first one is my old layout which I am putting up for grabs now that I'm done with it.

- All of these are to be used in the Custom CSS section of your theme customization panel, and work on Flexible Squares.

- Please upload the header image to your own host.

Image preview

Header image


Please credit [community profile] milou_veronica for layout
I only made the header image.

Image preview

Header image

Download text file with code here

Please credit [profile] xaddictionsx
I only made the header image
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I started a new community that no one has joined because I haven't pimped it anywhere. I know there's a fandom because of a secret posted to [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets  not too long ago. I just need to find them. XD Wanna join [livejournal.com profile] snyder_fans  ? You can come for the awesome movies and stay for the cookies sexy.

This sexy back compels you to look at this pic spam.


What do you say guys?
ETA: Testimonials

[personal profile] serena_took :
"Jackie approves of this pic spam. ;-)"


Jun. 25th, 2009 11:56 am
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A post, since I haven't done one in so long and now that I actually have LJ friends (I feel so loved!) I think I have an obligation to spam their friends list every now and then. Feel free to ignore all the posts I've made to communities and tell me "You never spam, we love your posts!" Lie to me.

Seriously considering penning an evil plan to acquire a Blu-Ray player of any kind whatsoever. I don't know why there's so much Blu-Ray love from everyone involved in the Watchmen movie production. Did I miss a memo and now DVDs are lame? But they were cool last year, right? Unlike those nerdy CDs and don't even get me started on those douche-bag floppies. I think they might be testing our loyalty- once they get us all into Blu-Ray they'll up the ante and ask us to do something weirder. Alan Moore wouldn't approve. Not that I wouldn't do a whole bunch of unspeakable stuff to for you Snyder, but next time lets try and keep it on the cheaper side, okay?

But the news were pretty awesome, even if I won't get to see the new cut on theaters (at least a lot of other people won't either *evil*) and even if it takes me forever to see the Blu-Ray magical experience, I'll be content with my DC. The video was pretty funny, too.

I am SO coveting that 300 Blu-ray. 300 f-ing rocks!

That poster in the background is the cover for the theatrical cut DVD. Which I have kindly dissected for you.

Cut for stupid ) 

I still wonder why they have Rorschach just gliding in, leaving all that free fire on his path. Those lit embers are flying way too close to little Walter, if you know what I mean. We get it, he won't be using it any time soon (considering some a-hole blew him up), don't remind us.

Where's Adrian? *please read that in your best Tim Gunn "Where's Andrae?" impression* He's a tool building. Maybe he is what's on fire on the corner- The Comedian looks certainly happy enough, so it  would make sense.

Dr Psycho!Smurf is flying! Does he even fly? Like ever? I now he teleports, changes size (height) and clones himself at will but other than when he first materializes, I don't think he's ever flown. (Well, more like hovered)

Discuss amongst yourselves.


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