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Wow, this is has to be the first time I manage to get a project this size done in 4 days :P And without neglecting work! Sure, I basically didn't sleep one night but it wasn't on purpose, I just couldn't. Anyway, it all went well in the end.

JackieEarleHaleyFans.com is up and running. I'm excited XD [livejournal.com profile] wptjeh  will still be maintained and new posts added, because we know it's more convenient for some people to have it on their Friends list. So, that's what I've been up to (that and I'm making Joomla my bitch friend) And [livejournal.com profile] youquit , you know I love you more than I should XD lol Thanks for being so awesome.

Well, I guess I'll go back to my normal routine now, less work to do for the site now that it's set up.

I wonder what I've missed- apart from the season finale of House and Lost. I should really catch up with that, but I'm too lazy!

Oh, and I feel the need to post this macro that [personal profile] miss_bushido  passed me along on Twitter because I laughed so hard my side started hurting. Adrian is fierce.

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This is why I try to never take breaks from work. I lose my... whatever. I was on such a roll last week, I was working fast, really enjoying it, getting awesome stuff done, then I decided to take Sunday off and now I can't get started again. X(

Doesn't help that my computer takes forever to move files from the external drive to my main drive, and that gives me a lot of boring minutes to start wandering around online. I did make a fab post to [livejournal.com profile] wptjeh while waiting, so it's not all wasted time.

It's been raining non stop since last night, which is supposed to be good but looking outside and watching that gray, dark sky makes me want to curl up in bed and do nothing. Maybe later...


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