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So, I hardly ever share anything here anymore but I had to share this awesome dream I had.

Myself and a group of random survivors of the zombie apocalypse were holed up in some non-descript building, managing to successfully hold off the hordes of the undead… so far. These were no regular zombies -they were smart. Or at least their “leader” was.

My dream began in the middle of a particularly crafty attack, during which our security perimeter had been breached and we were retreating to a higher floor for safety. Shaken and (some) injured, we do our best to get back to “normal”, standing guard and assessing our new situation. Suddenly, a crane (heavy machinery) operated by one of the zombies - I know! - drops off what seems to be a toddler on one of our terraces of sorts (basically a lower roof we had poor access to). Of course there was some dissent, with two groups forming: those who wanted tor escue the toddler and those who didn’t. “It’s clearly a trap! He’s probably already dead, we’d be fools to go out there!”

After some time goes by with random, day-to-day occurrences apparently going by, someone decides to check whatever happened to the toddler. And what do we see? It was A ZOMBIE TODDLER! AND HE FLIPPED US OFF. Needless to say we were upset, but I - having been on the more cautious side before, felt slightly relieved to have been right.

Afterwards it got very weird. Somehow, the zombie group leaders had managed to get their hands on some sort of blimp/flying device and were headed our way. Our doom drew near. So we armed ourselves as best we could and headed off into the street, fighting zombies left and right. A lot of casualties were had, but the few of us who managed to escape (very luckily) found an Armory and sought shelter inside. There we equipped an old truck with uber machine guns and something that was pretty much like a spear.

Suddenly, an explosion! The Armory’s front door had been blown apart and wave after wave of zombies started pouring in. The truck managed to squish most of them, those who weren’t reached by the machine gun of course. A high speed chase ensued - lasers (whut?), heavy fire, grenades!

At one point we have a stand off with the “leader” who apparently had Toddler Zombie with him - they were no match for our speared truck. SO by the end of the dream our truck is badly beaten down, and we’re speeding away from the hordes of evil undead through a forest, while speared Leader cackled maniacally and Toddler Zombie was… actually just stuck there. “Why are you laughing? We escaped!” We ask in disbelief.

“Yes, but you failed to notice where you escaped to!”

The truck slows down to a halt - we’re out of gas. We look around to find we are in the middle of a cemetery. Everywhere, surrounding us, open coffins lay astray as their previous occupants limp slowly in our direction. We jump out, huddle together and…

That’s where my brain ran out of ideas of how to save us from this impossible situation and I woke up.

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