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Yesterday I decided to check in on my favorite community (ontdcreepy) and found out I couldn't read locked posts. I thought it was weird because I had been able to up to the day before. I figured, maybe it's a glitch and I would have to rejoin again.

Today I get this email saying my request to join had been denied "for the following reason: member of sfd_anon."

My first thought was "WTF? Since when am I member of sfd_anon"? My second thought was "WTF? Why would they even do this?"

I've NEVER been involved in any drama. I only joined communities like ONTD and SF_D to have something to read when I'm bored. I never post anything, I sometimes comment but not even on a weekly basis or anything.

It's nice to see that someone took the time to go through all the members of ontdcreepy and then through all the members of sfd_anon and blocked them JUST BECAUSE. Doesn't matter that I've been nothing but a lurker and an on topic commenter ever since I joined ontdcreepy back when it was created.

So, THANKS! ONTDCREEPY. For showing me I don't deserve to have fun on the internet, or hang out with you ~special~ people, even though I have done nothing wrong.

This just adds to all the crap going on in my life. I feel great. I hope you guys are enjoying it. If I was such a bad member, you'll be super happy now that you kicked me out.

ETA: In my big purge (I left sfd_anon and sf_d) I also learned I was a member of rpattzdaily. What even? They should have kicked me out for THAT)
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