Jun. 5th, 2009

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I have decided to make Mini Rory a tiny celebratory can of beans. I'm really excited about the already pre-ordered DVD. But now I can't wait until it gets here! D:

Beans!!! )
I already tweeted this, but I was just so glad someone finally said it:

"I feel like Black Freighter will just fuck everything the shit up." #

Really, I did love Black Freighter on it's own, but I'm dubious as to how well they will be able to splice it in the movie. Also, I don't have Blu-Ray and don't intend to switch any time soon. Now, if the Ultimate Edition comes out on DVD, then I'd have to think about it, if only for the scene of Walter at the newsstand asking for his copy of The New Frontiersman- but I'm hoping it will be on the Director's Cut already.

Have I been posting way too much about Watchmen? I appologize. See, I ditched all my other fandoms about a month ago and I never looked back. I got tired of House because it was always pretty much the same, and I hate Huddy. I got behind on Lost and now it just feels like way too much work catching up. I don't think anyone can blame me for running away from Heroes like if it was infected with Swine Flu. Wtf happened Heroes? You used to be cool.
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After hearing about how "gory and needlessly violent" some people found Watchmen I figured either they were very dumb or those Hostel and Saw movies must have been as tame as a Disney movie. I will now judge them very, very hard. How dare they say Watchmen glorifies violence when it clearly does not, especially when there are movies like this- and they were huge hits. WTF world?

Hostel was on tonight so I left it on in the background while I crafted the most epic Jackie Earle Haley pic spam ever. Why did I? It wasn't scary, it bordered on disgusting and it just made me very angry. Oh yeah, where was the plot? I think they remembered they needed one at the end, with the "I pay to murder people because it's a rush" thing.

ETA: It gets worse and worse by the minute! DX Seriously. You guys. Seriously.


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